Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Dear friends,
I set up this website with the only aim to raise international awareness of the terrible consequences of agent orange in Vietnam. Therefore, I will not work as a mediator to transfer your money. But some friends did ask me about how to help, so I will show you some methods of contribution:

1. The best method that I whole-heartedly recommend to you is to visit the families of the victims, talk with them and hug them if you can, and offer them your gift (can be money, wheelchairs, a buffalo, medicine, food, clothes, blankets, or books, stationery for the children...). You can feel their happiness right away, and you will be sure that your gift is helpful to them. Your gift may be modest in value, but it is very significant if you can come and talk with them, show them your love and compassion! 

I have found thousands of victims and their addresses here 

In Vietnamese, we say "your gift worths one coin, but your travelling worths a bullion" to appreciate the endeavor of the gift bearer.

In case you need help or guide to the location, I may be able to connect you to a  volunteer, depend on the availability of the volunteer that I know.
2. Donate to the official Vietnam Association for Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange
11/41 Linh Lang, Cong Vi, Ba Đinh, Ha Noi

3. Donate to Fund for Victims of Agent Orange or Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange Association - Vietnamese RedCross
82 Nguyen Du - Ha Noi

4. Donate to http://danangquangnamfund.org/homeThey state in their commitment that:"100% of your donations go directly towards those most in need."

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